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Edgar Dubrovskiy


📍Riga-born, London-based
🎥 Cinematographer/Оператор-постановщик
🎞 Commercials for Adidas, Cos, Swarovski, Audi, Tchibo, Bentley, Apple
🎞 ‘The Mystery of DB Cooper’ HBO Max and BBC
🎞 ‘Running in North Korea’ out on Vice
🎞 Currently filming a feature doc for Netflix

🏙 NFT моих фотографий и видео-работ:


🚨 Ставлю винил. Слушатели выбирают пластинки. Рассказываю об исполнителях, и об истории приобретения этих альбомов. Подписывайтесь — следующий раз будет на выходных.

🎤 Если надо что-то сказать о кинопроизводстве — пингуйте/добавляйте в гости — буду рад ответить по теме.

I love:
— Induction hobs
— Frederic Malle
— A correctly colour-calibrated TV at friends’ house
— Tadao Ando
— Large ice cubes in drinks
— The Linds Redding letter
— My agent
— McDonald’s ketchup
— Iceland
— Discovering a strange building in the neighbourhood
— A good sound system
— Heavy whiskey glasses
— Small fried fish
— Good design at affordable prices
— Unplanned gatherings
— James Turrell
— Cardamom coffee at the middle-Eastern hotels’ lobby
— A good beat at the beginning of a song
— Holden Caulfield’s melancholic YOLO
— My collection of ridiculously badly designed fridge magnets
— Water in glass bottles
— When racist cunts are physically punished
— Imperfect dolly moves in Soviet cinema
— Thunderbolt 3 connection on both sides of the MacBook Pro
— Seeing the work I’ve shot on a badly-calibrated TV in a cafe in Rome
— Roasted nuts (lightly salted)
— Clearing off the empty wine bottles after a night of drinking with friends
— Kenyan coffee
— Watching films that make you doubt if it’s worth even trying making films anymore
— The memory of experiencing James Turrell
— 99 Problems music video
— Idea of owning a vinyl collection
— Robby Muller
— Inception’s and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’s making-of films
— Pina’s Viktor
— Marina Abramovich
— Taking off in the airplane with no WiFi
— Alvis Hermanis ana Kirill Serebrennikov
— Hamburgers when the bun is hot
— Cardinal Burns
— The One With Phoebe’s Uterus
— Down and Out in Paris and London
— When the returns process is truly effortless

The host of ‘Open: filmmakers talk’ podcast

ТГ-канал: @dovoljno