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Fedor Sokolov


✨exploring the intersection between education and technology in lifelong learning

🙋🏻‍♂️ I’m a founder & CEO at ELK Academy, co-founder at Relevant, and a Chief Communications Officer at Connect.Club

✳️ Clubhouse: co-creator of EdTech Club, the biggest professional EdTech community in Eastern Europe.

🕓 EdTech talks and EdTech meetups 11 am EST Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

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🎓ELK Academy, a forward-thinking digital academy that teaches languages and skills of the future.
✨Relevant, a platform that reinvents skill acquisition and career progression for ambitious global professionals.

🗺 ELK City — an imaginary virtual city where you can be anyone.

I also teach English 🇺🇸… in a new way 🧑‍🚀
ELK Academy teaches “Skills Of The Future.” We help humans with:

🧠critical thinking
🎨creative thinking
🤲 compassion

❤️ We believe that Education + Love = Knowledge ___________________________

Yva.ai. Miro, VCV, Sweatcoin, Connect.Club, StudyFree, Evil Martians, and more. Join the club!

Tim Urban, Naval, Nick Szabo, Ray Dalio, Elon Musk, Sugata Mitra, Salman Khan, James Clear, Yuval Noah Harari, Lex Fridman, Our Students!

🏋️‍♂️Challenge 2021:
– help 1000 people to change their life
– buy a Tesla
– build a global platform for new education with Relevant

💥Just got an Oculus 2 Virtual Reality set and discovered that the “Ready Player One” world already exists. Please talk to me about how we can use this in education.


🤝LET’S CONNECT: I 💙 collaboration
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