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Ilia Flaks


👨‍💻 Serial entrepreneur, Hedonist, Producer
💡IT, Game industry, VR/AR, COVID-Tech
📱20 years of experience in development of games and apps

👨‍💻 Vice president of VR/AR at LANIT-Integration

✅ Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of e-gree.app (New LegalTech startup)

🌏 CEO&Founder of FIBRUM, largest global developer of VR-apps (25 millions users worldwide) and creator of VR headset Fibrum PRO

🎮 ex. Founder of IMMO GAMES, 65 million users (, Odnoklassniki)

I love Chess ♟ and IT 👨‍💻

You can contact me in Telegram @Flaksilia

Current location📍Moscow, Russia