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Mike Sherbakov


• Investor • Advisor • Entrepreneur
“Greatness is not what we have, it’s what we give.”

💸 Impact Investor
🦄 Startup Advisor
🌎 Social Entrepreneur

💰 2000+ members // VC & angel investor group
📈 100+ companies // Business accelerator portfolio
⚡️ Committed to helping great startups raise capital

🎥 Featured: Transcendence Series on Gaia TV
🏠 Impact: Building homes for deserving families
🇺🇸 Veteran: Marine Corps 5 years active duty
✨ Legacy Ambassador: Fitbit and lululemon
✈️ Adventurer: 58 countries… and counting

💭 Interests: community building, leadership development, reading, writing, poetry, podcasting, philosophy, space, science, emerging tech, crypto, blockchain, AI, psychology, neuroscience, surfing, pickleball, history, documentaries, travel, meaningful connections, sustainability, impact, angel investing, venture capital, health and wellness, mindset, social media, startups, conscious capitalism, consistent growth, always learning, being a great dad.

✳️ Feel free to ask me to moderate or ping me into rooms about topics above ✳️

💡 Founder: @GreatnessCollective (B Corp)
🚀 Accelerating purpose-driven leaders and brands
📍 San Diego, California