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Nikita Thakrar


🔥 Venture Capital & Tech Diversity

🧠 Geek Club

👩🏻‍💻Co Founder & Director: Included VC: first of its kind global (Europe, Africa, Asia, North & South America) VC Fellowship for diverse individuals & overlooked communities — ‘a unique venture capital MBA’.

Sponsors & Partners include: HSBC, M12 — Mircosoft’s Venture Fund, Creandum, Notion, Daphni, Enern, Mouro Capital, Mangrove, Seedcamp, Notion, K Fund.

🐣 CH Newbie: 30th Jan

Life goals:

🚀 To go into space
🏩 Own a luxury boutique hotel
💚 *Secretly start a South Asian dating agency
👩🏻 Increase representation for badass South Asian women

🛰 Think a lot about future planetary colonisation and all things nerdy.