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Ksenia Sternina


🇬🇧 market / user research / experience design

🚗 Head of User Experience Research at Arrival, a commercial EV development company.
Main focus in this role is to help teams find product-market fit and create a radically better user experience.

📈 Advisor at UXSSR, consulting, UX/CX research and design.
The company helps Russian-speaking businesses to enter the UK, USA and Germany, and international businesses to enter Russian-speaking countries.
The company studies the market, adapts the product and interface to the needs of the audience.

🎮 Previously created and managed UX Research Department at one of the biggest IT companies in Europe, and with a 100 million audience and areas of development such as e-commerce, games, social network, online media, messengers, email, search, maps, ride-sharing, ride-hailing.

🤖 Before that UX Researcher at Google UK, Switzerland, USA.

👩‍🎓 M.D., Computer Science and a Ph.D. thesis in Human-Computer Interaction.

🇬🇧 Moved to London with Global Talent Visa. Wanna move too? See my webinar